Friday, April 9, 2021

How to Do Affiliate Marketing Through Article Marketing

The one thing I know about affiliate marketing is that you have to be persistent and use very effective marketing tactics. The most effective marketing tactic I and many other affiliate marketers use is article marketing for the mere fact that it works better than any other method out there.

The best way to do affiliate marketing through article marketing is by creating a simple niche website on a specific product and then write a sales page on the home page with a few other pages in the archive and then point links to the actual affiliate page throughout the site. Doing this is the best way to go because now all you have to do is write articles and submit them to article directories in order to get your traffic.

Now that you have your website all setup and ready to go there is just one thing left to do in order to start making money, GET TRAFFIC! The best way to get traffic and lots of it is by doing good keyword research so that each article you write will get on the search engines rather quickly and stay there. For me the best keywords are long tail keywords that don't get a lot of searches per month because these are usually thought to be useless to most webmasters. 

The process I use is I find around 100 easy keywords that I can rank for and then write 3 articles on each one of those keywords. I do this same method for each product I am selling because once I have 100 articles written and 300 links pointing to my site I am bound to start to make money quickly and without much more work. Just think if you can get 5 sites just like this one with a conversion of 1 in 50 hops you will make a lot of money each and every day.